A new work in progress

Alas, jencharleson “dot com” is no more.


Ever heard of domain sniping?  Me neither. Not until it happened to me. After 17 years of having a website using my own name, I went a little off the rails and let the registration lapse. Along came a foreign company to snag it up and try to make me pay big money to get it back.  I say no thank you.

All good things come to an end, and new things take time, that’s all.  So here I am rebuilding long after forgetting how to even do this whole “build a website” thing. Come along for the ride, why don’t ya? 

Imagine What I Do Imagine I posted a Gallery

What does contradiva mean?

It’s a long story.

First of all, I’m rather contrary.
I’m also a diva.
I’m also a contralto.
I’m also contrary toward divas.

So that makes me a contrary diva who’s a contralto that doesn’t care much for divas.

I like making up words that aren’t words, but should be. I’ve got several. Many of my art pieces are titled using made-up compound words.

By the way, I’m also an artist.

“serious chops and a fabulous sense of humor”

The Studio

8 Artists, one space

The amazing studio in historic Warren RI is an open, shared work space enjoyed by a group of mixed media artists, jewelers and illustrators. 

We all work different hours at the studio, sometimes overlapping, and we have a great cooperative spirit where we all share the benefits of a studio in a repurposed mill. We host several open studio events each year, teach workshops and even enjoy visits from guest artists! 

Jen Charleson – Mixed Media Art & Design
John Gieg – Mixed Media Illustration
Laurel Aylesworth – Illustration
Jen Degagne – MILASOL
Kristin Aylward – Jewelry
Louise Bruneau – Jewelry
Kathy Brughelli – Jewelry
Leslie Hartwell – Jewelry